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Every Little Bit Counts

It’s simple – The more donations we receive, the more dogs we can rescue!

Your generous gift to MatchDog Rescue goes directly to work, taking dogs out of harm’s way and placing them in loving homes. This work involves medical care, transport, provisions, shelter, support and – of course - love.


By donating only $5.00 each month ($60.00/year), you would help us to provide the necessary critical care for so many dogs and puppies needing intervention. We, together, could give these precious animals a second chance at life – a chance they desperately deserve.


Please consider a one-time, tax-deductible donation or becoming a monthly donor! Your contribution will make such a difference in a dog’s life! Thank you!


PLEASE NOTE: When donating to specific dogs or causes, any money received in excess of the goal amount will go into the MatchDog Rescue General Fund to help other deserving dogs in need.

Listen to Matchdog's Treasurer, Lenny talk about Donating and how you can help!

Ways To Donate

Show your support! Visit our Online store and grab some MDR merchandise !

Donate to our general fund which goes to dog rescue, transport, vet bills, etc.

Donate specific items from our Amazon wishlist

Can't donate? There are other ways to support us!

  • Like our social media pages (Facebook and Instagram) and engage with our content! Sharing posts is SO important for us, it expands our reach to more people who are interested in adopting/volunteering/helping!

  • Buy our cute MatchDog merchandise (shop link at top of website) and show your support!

  • Spread the word with friends and family, let people know about us and our mission!

  • Consider fostering or volunteering!

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