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A Lot Can Happen Between lost and found

MatchDogs are very special! Once a dog becomes a MatchDog, it goes on a very special journey before finding its fur-ever family! Follow the journey a MatchDog takes below!


We start with a stray or abandoned dog on the euthanasia list at a high kill shelter. We pull the dog from the shelter before it's too late and from now on he/she is a MatchDog!

Our MatchDog stays at one of our Matchpads, 

a foster location in TX, where they are cared for and seen by vets.

Potential adopters see our pups online and fill out an application to adopt.

Our pups take a long journey in our transport van from TX to NJ.

Transport day arrives! Adopters and volunteers come to  MatchDog  to meet the pups as they arrive and give them a big welcome!

The pup goes to a foster's home to crash on their couch while it waits to be adopted!

The pup has checkups and vet visits before being adopted to ensure he is super healthy and ready to go to his new family!

The pup is officially adopted by its forever family and has a life full of love!

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