Meet The Team


Kerry, President

While stationed in England with the Air Force, Kerry’s husband recalls one of the first questions she asked him was, “Do you like dogs?” Obviously, he got the right answer because not long after that they married in England where Kerry was a pediatric community nurse practitioner following a successful career in London as a commercial designer.  Kerry, a life-long animal lover and dog owner, is a British firecracker when it comes to her passion for the welfare of dogs.  Since her adoption as a Jersey Girl, Kerry has been a tireless volunteer in local animal charities and non-profits to “learn the ropes” of dog rescue, transport, fostering, and adoption.  Now, as an empty nester, Kerry splits her time as an art teacher, writing honey-do lists for her husband, forcing her friends to look at rescue pups and leading an incredible group of volunteers while they do their part to "save-them-all"!


Lenny, Treasurer

Len is a lifelong dog lover and owner, originally from New Jersey and somehow found his way back home after serving 23 years in the Air Force. Len is safely home for good and works as a government employee in defense contracting where he and his team passionately serve our brave men and women in uniform. Len's wife, who happens to be the founder of MatchDog, refers to him as the keeper of the keys... the one who shares the good news..."Yay! We got a grant!" And the bad news... "Sorry, we cannot fund that." Len makes sure we stay in the black and gets the many bills paid. He doesn't remember signing up for this... he says he's not a volunteer, rather, he's a "voluntold". Although he fancies himself as a comedian he takes his role very seriously (please don't tell him he's not funny) and knows that his efforts, like the efforts of all MatchDog volunteers, are saving the lives of so many at risk dogs. Having served in many war zones Len has seen the best and the worst in people- and dog rescue certainly tops the list in bringing out the best in people.

Vet Liaison (Vacant Position)

Vacant Position

Lisa began volunteering with MatchDog Rescue in June 2018.  She started by fostering and helping at events. Lisa then assisted with several different aspects behind the scenes, including social media.  She currently oversees a team who help tell the story of all the dogs MatchDog rescues on Facebook and Instagram. Lisa's favorite part of her social media work is being able to read the messages from adopters of how their MatchDogs are doing as well as seeing the photos of MatchDogs happy with their furever families.  When Lisa isn't volunteering with MatchDog Rescue, she works as an elementary school teacher, enjoys the shore, and spends time with her own two MatchDogs. 

Lisa, Social Media Manager


Patty, Foster Coordinator, Spay and Neuter Lead


Patty's first rescue was a giant New Zealand rabbit saved from experimentation in a lab in the 1980's.  After that came various cats, reptiles, and dogs.  She took a break from rescue to raise her family then came to MatchDog Rescue in November 2017.  Since coming to MDR, she has fostered many, many beautiful pups.  Her foster fail finally happened in March 2019 when she adopted Raven (aka Licorice).  She has assumed the roles of foster coordinator and spay and neuter program coordinator.  

Amy, Logistics Manager, Pregnant Fosters Coordinator


Amy has been a MatchDog Rescue volunteer since January 2018, and has volunteered in many different areas of the rescue, most currently as MDR's logistics manager and pregnant foster dog coordinator!
Amy lives with her 2 rescue pups,( Chip and her MatchDog Tony, who she just adopted in February) her 3 kids who all take part in volunteering when she bring fosters home, and husband Scott .

Marylin, Content editor, MatchDog Bio-writer


 Marylin started volunteering with Matchdog in June of 2018.  She started with setting up an area for food and water during transport events. She has also been a foster, a matchmaker, BioWriter, and now her main role is content editor of Petstablished and MDR's biographer.  Through Matchdog she has learned to hone her skills in organization, delegating, translation, and editing among others.  Working and being part of the leadership team has allowed her to learn the ropes of rescuing- which is always a learning curve! It takes dedication, passion, love and patience! If you have never volunteered she recommends volunteering with Matchdog : "if you've got skills, ideas, or want to learn new things then join us!  At Matchdog we are more than volunteers we are family with one common goal- Save as many dogs as possible because Little by little, a little becomes a lot!”  

GUINEVERE, Volunteer/event Coordinator

Guinevere grew up with a dog always by her side. As a lifetime animal lover, she completely understands and cherishes the impact that they have in our lives. Seeing the love everyone has for each and every pup that’s rescued, along with the fact that MatchDog Rescue pulls from shelters with the highest euthanasia rates in the country, as well as dogs overseas, are just a few of the many reasons that initially brought her to volunteer with us in November of 2019- and we're thrilled she did. In addition to her involvement in the many behind the scene aspects in MatchDog, you can normally find Guinevere interacting with volunteers and potential adopters at the welcome table during our events.